Sebastian Pott

Assistant Professor

seb_3:4Sebastian’s research centers around high-throughput genomics approaches for characterizing gene regulatory mechanisms in health and disease. He is especially interested in developing novel single-cell approaches that can be used to study systems and questions that are intractable with current methods.



Ayelen Lizarraga

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ayelen is a postdoctoral researcher from Argentina. She’s interested in combining wet lab and novel computational approaches to study the interplay between different epigenetic mechanisms, and their impact on human health. Her research involves using a long-read multi-omics approach to understand how epigenetic memory in adult stem cells is established and maintained in response to different stimuli.


Ethan (Yu) Zhao

PhD Candidate

Ethan is a graduate student in PME, jointly supervised by Gene Chang. His research focuses on solving clinical problems through analysis of next generation sequencing data (e.g. scATAC, scRNA, etc). He is passionate about combining interdisciplinary knowledge to provide new insights. He enjoys collaborating with scientists with different backgrounds and expertise.


Conrad Triebold

Staff Scientist (Senior Technician)

Conrad is a scientist with medical research experience in industry and academia. He is particularly interested in genetic engineering, stem cell and organoid culture, and gene editing methods involving viral vectors and CRISPR. He is also interested in emerging single-cell and single-molecule experimental modalities and statistical frameworks in the context of gene regulation. He is an active member of the piano program in the Department of Music.


Dylan Jockel

Research Technician

Dylan holds a master’s in Biology from the University of  Massachusetts, where he studied bone development across disparate lineages of freshwater teleost fish. He has always retained an interest in how gene regulation/interactions affect development, and is particularly fascinated with how genes/phenotypes can evolve to become more or less environmentally sensitive across evolutionary history. Presently, his work involves identifying phenotypes associated with putative regulatory elements in non-coding regions of the human genome.




Previous members

Laura DeVries, Research technician (2021-2023). Current position: Medical student at Michigan State University.

Michael Wasney, Research technician (2019-2021). Current position: Graduate Student at UCLA in the Garud lab.

Florian Wagner, Postdoctoral scholar (2019-2021). Current position: computational biologist at 10x Genomics.